Hi there!

     Are you infuriated with the lack of safe choices at your local grocery store? Are you annoyed with the limited options at your farmers market? Maybe you are just tired of dumping money into the online grass-fed meat companies in an effort to feed your family something that won't result in cancer. 

     With the community vibe generated by the CrossFit Community, it makes sense to want to offer support to the local business in your area. Customers are not only receiving nutritious food free of junk, but a chance to make a stand against the large corporations that just want your cash. 

 I want to offer you the option to choose community before corporate.

      In 2013, I started my first semester of college, I learned just how corrupt our food system is while going through their agriculture program. After the realization that most of the food in the grocery store was nothing but cheap food with pesticides, GMO's, and chemicals, I decided to stay on the path of farming. I do not want to eat food that is full of stuff i can't pronounce, and I don't want you too either. 

No junk, no toxins, no chemicals, just real nutritious food.