Our Birds

Kal-Jen Farm exhibition poultry embody the characteristics as stated in The American Standerd Of Perfection. Our birds are bred for decease resistance, meaning that our stock is never administered vaccinations of any kind, resulting in healthier birds. Kal-Jen Farm strives to produce a bird that will thrive in both the farm yard and the show pen. 


Black Cockerel Ameraucana

2017 Ameraucana Alliance National meet Champion at Fowl Fest in Birch Run, MI


The pride of Kal-Jen Farm, the Ameraucana is an exceptional laying bird if you desire a little color in your carton of eggs. Ameraucanas, known for their blue eggs, are a popular dual purpose bird. Kal-Jen Farm Ameraucanas excel in the show, as well as the farm, due to careful and devoted selection of breeding stock. We concentrate on Blue, Black, Splash, and Buff varieties of large fowl Ameraucanas. We are now offering Black, Blue, and splash bantam Ameraucanas! 

2015 Silver Dorking Pair

2015 Silver Dorking Pair


One of the oldest breeds of chicken, originating back to Ancient Rome, the Dorking is an excellent dual purpose bird. These chickens exhibit a sturdy dense frame making them perfect for meat. In addition to a superb laying ability the Dorking is the perfect dual breed. The Dorking is famous for its 5 toes! Kal-Jen Farm is proud to be working with both the red and silver varieties of large fowl Dorkings.