Grass-fed T-bone Steaks

Grass-fed T-bone Steaks

Imagine how awesome it will feel when you set a whole grass-fed beef roast in front of your family at Christmas. That vision can be real when you purchase 1/4 or 1/2 side of beef from Kal-Jen Farm.  

If you want locally sourced beef, 1/4 or 1/2 of beef is the most economical option for you, not to mention offering the greatest variety of meat. 


How much does beef cost?

You pay me $5 a pound hanging weight.

You pay the butcher $0.55/lb hanging weight in cut and wrap fees, plus a small kill fee when you pick up your beef. ($18.50 for 1/4 or $27.50 for 1/2).


How does this all work?

The average 1/4 cow will weigh 150 +/- pounds hanging weight (after the head/hide/organs/hooves are removed). You will take home approximately 115 lbs. +/-  of meat. 

We will contact you when Davidson Meat Processing requires direction on how you want your beef cut. You are responsible to contact Davidson Meat Processing via phone to inform them how you would like your beef cut. 

The carcass is hung for 7-14 days after slaughter. We will know the hanging weight 5-10 days after slaughter. 

We will email you the hanging weight. Our $5/lb hanging weight is required at this time. 

The butcher will call you when your order is ready. Your kill fee and cut/wrap fee is required at pickup.

This can be confusing and scary at first, feel free to email me at - we want everything to be simple for you!

Purchase Beef

2019 DAtES


Beef reservation is on a first come first serve basis! Very limited quantities.

1/4 beef deposit: $200

1/2 beef deposit: $400

Mail checks to 1004 State Route 350 West, Wilmington, OH 45177, and make checks payable to Jensen Pierson. 

Please include your name, address, and phone number with your check. 

We cannot accept Paypal at this time.