Chicken Eggs


Tired of eating the same old bland grocery store egg? Want to offer your family flavourful and safe eggs packed full of flavour? Our eggs are your solution. Impress your friends with a colourful assortment of brown, white, and blue shelled eggs after a trip into town.

1 Dozen eggs/$4

Duck Eggs


Are you just done with the same old chicken egg not filling you up? Need to find something that is nutrient dense to get you through the day? Ducks eggs are a perfect alternative to chicken eggs. You can use duck eggs the same way you would use a chicken egg. Their richer flavour you can fry them, scramble them, or use them in baking.

1 Dozen eggs/$6 

Quail Eggs


Ready to be brave and try something exotic? Need to find authentic ingredients for that special asian cuisine you always wanted to try? Quail eggs will make your day! Not only are these tiny eggs adorable, but they are always a fun way to get the kids to eat breakfast that isn't cereal.

1 dozen eggs/$2