Grown locally on 20 acres of lush ohio pasture, our mission is to provide you with the most regenerative and pure animal protien to fuel your body. 


Pastured Poultry

Don't settle for "organic" company gimmicks. Our poultry will give you the perfect nutrition to keep you going on a busy day. The logical protein option for an easy meal. One bird in the roasting pan will give you all the protien you need as well as days of leftovers. 

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Grass-Fed Beef

Packed full of flavour, with steaks you can cut with a spoon, this red meat will power the hungry CrossFit athlete. 100% grass fed, our cattle feast on green Ohio pasture every-day, all-day.

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The super food just got better! Fry it, scramble it, or hardboil for an easy snack. Eggs from Kal-jen Farm's pasture raised hens taste just as pretty as they look. 

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